The End is in sight…

After what is best described as an elephantine gestation, I’ve finally been given a release date by my publisher.

31st January 2019 will see ‘The Rock ‘N’ The Roll. ‘N’ That…’ unleashed.

I’m fiercely proud of the book and genuinely looking forward to the reviews from both pre-orders and total strangers alike.

Having shown the novel to a few select close friends, I’ve already received some feedback. My particular favourite was from a lifelong friend, who with some beautifully understated Northern pragmatism said,” I’m just really glad its not shit…”

I’ll definitely take that as a starting point.

I hope you enjoy ‘The Rock ‘N’ The Roll. ‘N’ That…’ and I would love to hear from you all once you’ve read it.

With the upcoming marketing campaign and my own efforts, I hope you’ll be hearing a lot more about my book.

And one again, to all of you that pre-ordered way back when – thank you for both your support and patience.

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